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As part of our 360 solution, 360degree.it provides a support service tailored to your requirements. Unlike many other 360 tools, we provide on-going support for your administrative staff and co-ordinators to ensure that everything is running as it should.

We are here to support you from implementation of the system to providing feedback reports, regardless on the number of delegates, enabling you to take advantage of our experience in the development and implementationof 360 processess.

In addition to supporting staff, we can also provide a helpdesk for the end user, if required. The cost for this service is dependant on the volume of delegates taking part in the process.

Support Co -ordinators

We can provide support for your administrative staff based on the amount of co-ordinators using the system. The support contract includes the license and maintenance of the system.

Support for End Users

In addition to the basic support contract, 360degree.it is happy to provide assistance to your end users, whether they are delegates or evaluators. We are able to provide reports and chase evaluation responses, if required. The cost is based on the amount of delegates using the system and is available on the Unlimited and Flexible price plan.

Our dedicated support desk (operating 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday) is available to your staff and end users, together with email support.

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