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Could your company benefit from using 360 degree feedback? Is your business based in the Loughborough, Leicestershire area? 360degree.it offers a valuable asset to your company that will provide you with personal service and support. We deliver 360 degree feedback to you with our fantastic tool at excellent value for money. If you would like to find out more about our product and services you can speak to a member of our Loughborough team today!


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What is 360 Degree Feedback

Well as the name suggests it’s a tool that provides our clients with feedback from their customers. It’s a process where the user can ask individuals to provide them with feedback on their performance. This may include their skills, behaviours and competence in their job. When taking part in developing your skills, you want feedback from work colleges or experienced individuals in that specific field to help you better understand how to grow. The feedback is presented in an anonymous fashion, this is great as 360 degree feedback is used in many different applications such as employee and leadership development. It has many other benefits to our users and is especially effective for helping individuals see where they can improve and learn more.


Why use 360 degree feedback?

With the use of this tool, it can help strengthen your development, productivity and engagement across individuals and teams. This will mean that together you will become stronger and be able to perform at a higher level. The list is endless when it comes to the benefits of using 360 degree feedback, here are some that we can offer you with our 360 degree feedback tool:

  • The Software - We have designed our 360 degree feedback software to be user-friendly and to have the capabilities to be turned on and off depending on what you require.
  • Flexible - We are constantly developing our 360 degree feedback tool with the input from clients who use the software on a regular basis. This is done to make sure that our product is upgraded and made as customised as our Loughborough customers require.
  • Quick & Easy To Set Up - our aim is to make the process quick and easy for our Loughborough customers. We are used to working to tight deadlines and can get a setup completed within 24 hours. We pride ourselves in launching this software for our Loughborough/UK clients but also worldwide.
  • Cost Effective - No matter the team size or organisation we will work with you and make sure it keeps within your budget. We are upfront about our cost and want to make things simple so that your Loughborough based business can thrive.

Who we work with

We are happy to work closely with any client, the size of the client doesn’t make a difference to us and we do the best we can to make sure you all have the best experience.

  • Small Teams - 5 to 250
  • Large Teams - 250 to 1,000+
  • Training Providers


When it comes to supporting, we go above and beyond to make sure that our services are tailored to your needs. We are unlike other companies who provide a tool, we provide ongoing support to make sure your Loughborough team are having the best experience. If you have any queries please make sure to refer to our FAQ listing on the support section of our website.


We hope that you have all the information you need, if you would like more information about 360 degree feedback then please get in contact with our Loughborough team today. You can call us on 0800 0886 360 or email our Loughborough team on info@360degree.it for a free consultation and quote.
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