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360 Degree Online Performance Management Systems & Software

360degree.it’s online appraisal system and software (also known as 360 degree feedback) is suitable for all organisations and market sectors. Incorporating our 360 degree feedback into your employee appraisal process allows you to measure employee performance effectively. It is thus important to have a culture and environment that allows the use of this.

Our appraisal software enables organisations to collect open or anonymous feedback from multiple departments understanding employee performance, strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to create more specialised training programmes which are typically linked to CPD.

Using our appraisal system with help with your employee training and development program allowing you to add structure and clear communication channels to your feedback process.

The benefits of our 360 degree feedback:

  • Better employee feedback
  • Resourceful use of appraisal time
  • Team and personal development 
  • Reiterate company objectives and goals

To find out more about our online 360 degree systems please visit our Solutions page.

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