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What is 360 Feedback?

What are the benefits of 360 feedback?

What is a delegate?

What is a cohort/wave?

What is an evaluator/respondent?

How is a 360 system set up and conducted?

How should we follow up a 360 feedback session?

How long should the 360 process take?

Why choose 360degree.it?

How long does 360degree.it take to implement?

How many delegates can the system handle going through at once?

How many co-ordinators are required?

I am a training provider and have multiple clients. Can I use 360degree.it?

Is my organisational culture ready for 360 feedback?

What about confidentiality and anonymity?

What is CPD?

What type of reports can be generated?

Is implementing a 360 feedback process difficult?

For more information, please contact us to discuss your requirements and objectives on 0800 0886 360 or email us at info@360degree.it for a free consultation and quote. Alternatively please use above form to book a demo.

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